[…] from the liminal space between 4:00 and 6:00 a.m. EST

Andy Farnsworth
Toronto, Canada

current obsessions

  1. music I’m listening to
  2. digital life
  3. knowledge management
  4. propagating process design and management
    • measurement and regulation (cybernetics)
    • work design, decision intelligence, and autonomy
    • when(what) to build and when(what) to dismantle
    • building a PM doc in Coda
    • my annual re-read: The Intelligent Organization
    • understanding the past-present-future continuum in process theory
      • Tor Hernes, you madman:
        • “…organizations are commonly conceptualized as entities adapting to the environment, and analysis consequently becomes focused on the work of adapting to an environment that changes between successive stable states. …consequently analysis loses out on the possibility of understanding the dynamics by which organizational actors work to make a difference. From a process perspective, the focus is inversed: it is stabilization, and not change, that needs to be explained, because the world is continually changing and organizing consists of attempts at stabilization to create a predictable world amid multiple possibilities. But the work of stabilization is fraught with uncertainty and ambiguity. It demands that actors envisage what may become actuality while preparing for various future potentialities, rather than adapting to some externally given quasi-stable state of affairs.
  5. the public sector
    • organizing to serve the public
    • decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs)
    • charter cities
  6. systems of holons
    • Janus, being a part and a whole
    • rules vs strategy – what is the minimum set of rules that allows strategy to emerge
  7. predictive processing (and its manifestations in what we build)
    • mental models
    • AI
  8. DIY electronic music


The new digital garden

draft: September 2021