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Contest Time!

I want subscribers. Email and YouTube to be specific.

And to get your support, I want to give you a Mutable Instruments Shruthi.

Mutable Instruments Shruthi synthesizer
WIN ME: Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1


I love synths to death. I don’t think there’s a better instrument or hobby out there.

I’m translating this obsession into online content. Your subscription will help support the creation of:

  • Articles on writing music with synths, dealing with GAS, building a setup, using MIDI, etc.
  • YouTube demo, patch and expository vids
  • Patch banks for various synths

I’ve had this Shruthi-1 for a few years but I don’t use it much anymore. It has more value as incentive to build an audience than it would fetch on the used market.

how to enter

Step 1: Subscribe to my YouTube channel:

Step 2: Fill out the contact form, including your email and your YouTube user/channel name

choosing a winner

Saturday May 2: I’ll choose a random name from subscribers and post a YouTube vid (or maybe live stream) to announce the results. I’ll follow up with the winner by email to get your address and send out the Shruthi!


I’m not going to spam anyone with emails. You’ll get emails from me when I’ve released a new article or video, and that’s about it. I take my own internet privacy seriously and will do the same for yours.

Note that I didn’t build the enclosure and have since tossed the remaining pieces. Certainly doesn’t need one to operate though.