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co-create your score

director, producer, music editor, game developer

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Deer Park -> Toronto -> Ontario -> Canada


Working with Andrew is as close as I’ve been to composing a score myself.

He’s able to pull out my ideas on the mood, colour, texture of the film, then process and communicate them back to me through music.

I come away from our studio sessions with a score that I couldn’t imagine on my own, but is somehow exactly what the film needs most.

Jeremy McCracken – Writer/Director, Fastball

an immersive process

Share your ideas, mood boards, storyboards, draft script, YouTube videos, any fragments you’ve got.

Together we develop the musical themes and sounds you need. Come into my studio to twist the knobs yourself, or direct the musical performance as you would a scene.

Get and give immediate feedback on what’s working and not. We’ll finish only when it’s right.

bonus features

  • slip-&-slide pricing (based on subjective factors such as your budget, favourite bands, your expectations)
  • I love to come on set whenever possible, make field recordings, hear direction first hand, and get a better sense of the feel of the production as it evolves
  • soundtrack and score composing based in Toronto, Ontario, but traveling composition available as well – I can bring my tools anywhere you like, and we can create there
  • learn to better express your ideas in musical terms
  • able to work independently (I don’t NEED my hand held, but the co-creation tends to result in a unique experience and product)

free samples


Fastball (short)


Written and Directed by Jeremy McCracken

Fun fact – I used only one synth for the Fastball score – the Grendel Drone Commander – sound trapped in an ammunition box.

Astroman (short)


Written and Directed by Allistair Simpson

Standalone Music

4am: Themes for Synthesized Strings EP


snippets of sound and video

experimental, POV, demo


Toronto Game Jam (ToJam)

Three days, four songs for four games from scratch. Met with each team to understand their needs, created songs on location, George Brown College [insert pic from ToJam – home comp or hardrive]

Historical Artifacts

songs from the past

  • sci-fi
  • ambient
  • synthetic
  • electronic
  • pulsing
  • driving
  • scattered