Morning Strategy: synthesizer music


At 4am, Andrew Farnsworth, moves from his bed to his home studio in Deer Park, Toronto, where he composes fragments of electronic synthesizer music in the pursuit and development of a productive Morning Strategy.

Government staffer by day, synthesist by earlier day, Andrew started this new project, Morning Strategy, as a vehicle for film and game composing.

12u eurorack modular synthesizer
modular synthesizer in studio


4am: Themes for Synthesized Strings (2020)

These short songs are a reflection of life at 4am, the transition between days, before the city awakes, before the machine turns over.

I started waking up at 6am to work on synthesizer music, and that half an hour before work was nice. So I pushed my alarm to 5am, and that was even better. I bought the new Audio Damage Continua synth and a Novation Launchpad Pro, and I began rising at 4am. Each morning for a week in January, I recorded my improvised performances, and themes emerged.

4am is such an interesting time. It’s morning but still night. It’s time outside of time. It’s the opening to 28 days later. And inside that boundless, formless time, the mind dreams the undefined day to come.

Recorded in my home studio, Deer Park, Toronto, ON, Canada, January 13 – January 17, 2020. Released March 3, 2020

Audio Visual


I put a lot of random content on YouTube: synthesizer demos and reviews; short and long gear performances, mashups of songs with archival footage. It’s a good place to collect the mess.


I work out of a small home studio in Deer Park (Midtown) Toronto, and I rent space for live performance and recording when required. Electronic music is an individual pursuit, and modern hardware and software synthesizers allow me to develop complex compositions by myself.

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