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Top 10 albums currently in rotation

Last update: 2021.10.11

ArtistAlbumDate of appearance
All Them WitchesNothing as the Ideal 2021.09.27
Deru1979 2021.09.27
Sunny Day Real EstateHow it Feels to be Something on 2021.09.27
El Ten ElevenTautology 2021.09.27
LA PriestGene 2021.09.27
Red SparowesThe Fear is Excruciating but Therein Lies the Answer 2021.09.27
Roger Eno & Brian EnoMixing Colours 2021.09.27
Com TruiseIn Decay 2021.09.27
William BasinskiLamentations 2021.09.27

Note 1. chart was first published 2021.09.27, so nothing on the list can be older than that.

Note 2. links are all to YouTube music until I start using a different provider